Finding Balance with Video Games

Leveling Up

Video games are a common activity for most youth. Video games can help many kids with friendships, creativity, problem-solving, and self-esteem building. Games can be a safe place to fail, an escape from stress, a place to compete, and an opportunity to experience mastery and agency. There are many positives to video games, but at times, balancing gaming with the rest of life can be hard. Many kids struggle with playing video games rather than doing their homework. Many only want to spend time with their friends online and don’t socialize in-person. Good sleep, exercise, and nutrition can take a back seat when gaming is a big part in a kid’s life. There can be constant fighting with parents about the amount of gaming time. And when kids do turn off their games, many say, “There’s literally nothing to do! I’m so bored!” The Powered Up Player™ program is designed for kids to find balance with their gaming. This program helps kids and teens find ways for video games to be a healthy part of their lives rather than causing problems.
Powered Up Parent

What is Powered Up Player™?

Level Up Your Gaming. Level Up Your Life.

  • An online course made for 10-18 year olds

  • Course length is approximately 2 hours

  • 6 in-depth lessons going over how to experience healthy gaming

  • Entertaining videos guiding you through how to balance gaming

  • Insights from experts in the field of healthy gaming

  • Step-by-step outline in creating personalized gaming balance

Level Up Your Gaming. Level Up Your Life.

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What Does Powered Up Player™ Cover?

Program Outline

  • 01


    • Meet Our Powered Up Player Team Members

    • Table of Contents

  • 02

    Level 10: Progress Your Gaming Self-Awareness

    • Progress Your Gaming Self-Awareness Video Lesson

    • Level Up!

  • 03

    Level 20: Diversified Activities

    • Diversified Activities Video Lesson

    • Level Up!

  • 04

    Level 30: Relationships

    • Relationships Video Lessons

    • Level Up!

  • 05

    Level 40: Physical Health

    • Physical Health Video Lessons

    • Level Up!

  • 06

    Level 50: Mental Health

    • Mental Health Video Lesson

    • Level Up!

  • 07

    Level 60: Education and Learning

    • Education and Learning Video Lesson

    • Level Up!

  • 08

    Bonus Level: Creating Balance

    • Creating Balance Worksheet

  • 09

    Overview and Survey

    • Powered Up Course Overview

    • Powered Up Player Survey

  • 10


    • Resources

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Testimonials & Reviews

Meet the Instructors

Instructor Bio

Jeremy Edge, LPC, IGDC is the owner and founder of the counseling practice,, PLLC. Jeremy is an International Gaming Disorder Certified counselor which is the leading certification for working with people with Gaming Disorder. He's also obtained the Digital Wellness Certificate through the Digital Wellness Institute. He provides individual, parenting, and family counseling services for teenagers, young adults, and adults struggling with problematic Internet and screen use. After personally experiencing the negative effects of Gaming Disorder, Jeremy devoted his work to helping those recover from problematic and disordered screen use. In addition to problematic screen use, Jeremy works well with men of all ages. He received his Master’s degree in Community Counseling at UT San Antonio and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UT Tyler.
Matt Missar is a clinician with The Better Institute and a recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Work. Matt holds a Masters of Social Work degree with a focus in Direct Practice and certificate in Mental Health. Matt has also recently obtained his International Gaming Disorder Certificate (IGDC). Matt values working with individuals of all ages and specializes in working with younger individuals regarding stress, anxiety, and problematic gaming. Matt has a unique ability to genuinely engage and connect with each client. Matt brings an extraordinary research background to The Better Institute in which he has conducted in-depth research examining the vulnerability and resilience among children at-risk for maladaptive psychosocial outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

  • How do I access the program?

    Immediately after you purchase the PoweredUp Player™ program, you will have access and can begin to watch the videos and complete the Levels. Everything is available on-demand for you to complete on your own schedule. You can start, pause, and stop at any time throughout the program.

  • How long do I have access to the PoweredUp Player™ program?

    You have 60 days to complete the program from purchase. If you need additional time, please contact us at

  • What age group is this program designed for?

    The PoweredUp Player™ program is designed for preteens and teens between the ages of 10-18.

  • What if I’m not satisfied with the PoweredUp Player™ program?

    We will give you a 100% refund after you watch the entire program within 7 days of purchase. We simply ask that you give us feedback on what you didn’t like about the program and how we could improve the program.

  • Is there a cancellation policy?

    We do not offer a cancellation policy because this program is available on-demand and you can watch/attend them at your convenience (day or night, home or office or anywhere).

  • What if I am having technical problems with the program?

    We recommend that you watch this program using a desktop/laptop computer and Chrome browser. You can also contact us at to see if we can assist you.

  • I want to talk to someone about my specific child/ren - how can I contact the presenters?

    To set up a 50-minute one-time consultation with Jeremy Edge, click here. There, you can set up a virtual or in-person meeting if you live close to Dallas, Texas.

Powered Up Together™

Awareness. Confidence. Knowledge

As an ideal complement to the Powered Up Parent™ course, Powered Up Player™ seeks to help kids and adolescents better understand their own gaming and develop the skills needed for a positive, healthy, and balanced relationship with gaming. The 6 core skills developed in this course will help you not only advance/level-up/improve your gaming but numerous aspects of your daily lives. With the understanding that gaming can be a beneficial activity, we seek to help you enhance your knowledge and self-awareness as a means to capitalize on the advantageous aspects of this pastime.